• 2014年 誰是吸粉最多的網絡萌寵?

    He is the face of 2014. No, we’re not talking about a politician, or actor or Nobel Prize winners. We mean Boo. CUTE LITTLE BOO.   他就是2014年的年度紅人。不,我們不是在說政客、演員或是諾貝獎得主。我們說的是大頭狗狗Boo!人見人愛花見花開的小Boo??! But though Boo tops our Pet Power list of 2014, we love all the animals on the Internet, so we had a look...閱讀全文
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  • 約嗎?2014年10大網絡熱詞英語怎么說

    又到年末,謝侃老師為大家整理了10個微信、微博中最火的詞語,翻成英語。 1)約嗎   Wanna date me? 小編吐槽:“約嗎”本是一款社交應用軟件,可以通過相同的需求愛好讓交友便捷方便。漸漸的變成網絡用語,就變成了朋友間互相調侃,基友間相互調戲的名言。當然了,如果你居心不良的話,這句話就會出現某些別有深意的(咳咳咳咳……) 2)也是醉了   I am speechless. *其實原句就是表“無...閱讀全文
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  • 飛行小貼士 最安全航空公司top10

    A survey by Hamburg-based Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre (JACDEC) that examined 60 of the world’s operators.   漢堡的噴氣客機墜機數據評估中心(JACDEC)對世界60家航空公司進行了評估。 Finnair has been rated the safest airline in the world, based on the study that monitors plane crashes around the world.   根據對世界墜機事件的監控,芬蘭航空...閱讀全文
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  • 看比爾蓋茨如何寫2014年終總結

    I ended 2013 by compiling something slightly unusual: a list of some of the good news you might have missed. I thought it was a pretty good note to end the year on, and people seemed to like reading about some of the ways the world is becoming a better place. This year, I thought I’d do it again.   2013年我編輯了一些有點不同尋常的東西來作為年終總結:一張你...閱讀全文
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  • 初學者如何練習口語?關鍵要掌握五大重點步驟

      第一步:掌握音標 音標是英語(課程)學習中最基本的要素,學好音標可以幫助你正確發音。很多初學者都不重視這個環節,以至于學了多年英語仍要回過頭來重新學習音標,怎知一些發音習慣已經根深蒂固了,糾正起來可要下一番功夫。不管你處于哪個學習階段,要記住,音標不可丟!那么,音標如何學習?開始張口練習是關鍵! 首先,反復練習朗讀音標,感受每個音標的發音特點和區別,尤其是元...閱讀全文
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  • 有對象了嗎?過年慣例問題應答指南

    Fielding annoying questions from relatives during the holidays is pretty much unavoidable, but one cocky teenager has come up with an inventive solution to silence those annoying relatives by handing them a pamphlet of pre-prepared answers.   在節假日應答七大姑八大姨那些個煩人的問題幾乎是避免不了了,但是一名霸氣的女青年想出了一個別有心裁的解決方案讓那些個嘴...閱讀全文
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  • 電影憤怒的小鳥提前上映 避免同類廝殺

    Sony Pictures announced today that the game adaptation of the animated film “angry bird” (Angry Birds) will advance to the May 20, 2016 release, to avoid the same schedule with other large confrontation.   索尼影業在今天宣布,由游戲改編的動畫電影《憤怒的小鳥》為了避免和同期大片廝殺,將提前至2016年5月20日上映。 It is reported that the film originally planned...閱讀全文
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  • 亞航客機失聯 機上162人國籍公布

    An AirAsia flight from the Indonesian city of Surabaya to Singapore lost contact with air traffic control on Sunday, Indonesian media said, citing a Transport Ministry official.   據印尼當地媒體報道,印尼交通部稱,周日,一架從印尼泗水飛往新加坡的航班失聯。 Transport Ministry official Hadi Mustofa said the aircraft, flight number QZ 8501, lost contact with t...閱讀全文
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  • 刺殺金正恩正式上映 全美爭相觀看

    Thousands of US moviegoers were planning to watch screenings of the controversial comedy about the assassination of North Korea’s dictator on Christmas Day, openly defying threats from hackers who have warned of dire consequences for people who visit the cinemas.   成千上萬的美國電影怪咖都準備去影院觀賞這部爭議不斷的,關于在圣誕節刺殺朝鮮獨裁者的喜劇電影,...閱讀全文
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  • 外媒看中國 圣誕節流行送蘋果

    Anyone bemoaning the loss of the True Meaning of Christmas probably shouldn’t celebrate in China. Here, it’s mostly business as usual on the 25th. Vacation time won’t come until weeks later for China’s own winter holiday: Chinese New Year in mid-February.   當圣誕節成為購物季,總有人惋惜圣誕節失去了真正的意義。12月25日是圣誕節,是購物季,但是在中國,明年2月...閱讀全文
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